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Cannabis Trimmer Kit!

Marijuana job training kit includes:

  • Untrimmed CBD Hemp Flower.
  • Bonsai pruning scissors.
  • Step-by-step guide to trimming and manicuring buds.
  • Educational worksheets, lab results and a US cannabis industry directory.
  • Cannabis Trimmer certificate of achievement.



We are a Las Vegas medical marijuana support business at the forefront of Nevada’s cannabis industry.  Simply put, we connect job seekers with employers.



We offer the original and first educational course focused primarily on the trimming and pruning of Marijuana. Students who complete this course are certified by TRIM READY™.


Once certified by TRIM READY™, students usually receive job placement opportunities within the cannabis industry or can enroll in our staffing agency.


Before arriving on-site for work, our agents must complete the TRIM READY™ cannabis education course, pass a rigorous screening process and possess a valid work card.

At a time when marijuana is becoming big business, applying for seasonal weed jobs has been replaced with starting a 420 career in the cannabis industry.

TRIM READY™ Graduates

We CANN provide support to your growing cannabusiness

budtender jobs


dispensary jobs


budtender jobs




Our workforce solutions for the cannabis jobs industry improve efficiency and reduce labor costs. All CANNTEMPS™ are screened and certified before accepting job placement.


Cannabis jobs training and courses

If you’re committed to joining this “Budding” industry, it’s time to gain the necessary knowledge and skills that cannabis employers will look for when hiring staff.

cannabis jobs

Cannabis Trimmer

This entry level course is for anyone who wants to learn how to trim cannabis like a pro. Ready. Set. Trim.

marijuana jobs

Dispensary Staff

Designed for dispensary job seekers, this course covers everything you need to know about working at a marijuana dispensary.

dispensary jobs

Edible Processor

This course covers working in an edible production facility. Prior culinary or assembly line experience is a plus.

Stay up to date with the marijuana industry!

Certification Course

Learn all aspects of cannabis harvesting, trimming and manicuring during this 2.5 hour course. You will receive handouts on your state’s marijuana laws, discuss cultivation facility operating procedures and Professor Green’s 7-steps to cannabis trimming. Upon course completion and certification, students will have a deeper understanding of the cannabis curing process and can start work.

Dispensary employees vary from budtenders and managers to receptionists and delivery drivers. Anyone interested in working at a licensed dispensary must be willing to put the patient’s individual needs first. During this 2.5-hour course, students will become a pharmacist of cannabis, learning about operating procedures, safe dispensing, and recommending ailment specific strains.

With the ancillary products sector of the cannabis industry growing exponentially, this course focuses on the edible manufacturing and marijuana infused products business. During this 2.5-hour course, students will also learn about processor operating procedures, employment policies, oil extraction and infusion best practices. Curriculum covers culinary and non-culinary jobs.

Take this time to get acclimated with the staff at TRIM READY™ along with your fellow classmates. Once everyone has completed their registration packet, the Cannabis course director will begin the class.

After welcoming everyone to the class, our TRIM READY™ course instructor will lead an ice breaker exercise designed to get everyone acquainted with eachother. We will go over classroom rules and what to expect during this course. Time is put aside for anyone in the class to ask questions specific to the course.

As you may (or may not) know, Marijuana laws vary by state. Depending on the state you wish to work in, TRIM READY™ will provide an in-depth overview of patient possession and Cannabusiness laws. In addition to getting some fun facts about your Marijuana marketplace, TRIM READY™ provides a complete breakdown of the required work cards a Cannabis job seeker must possess in order to be considered for employment. For an additional fee, TRIM READY™ can assist you with obtaining these cards if your Marijuana state requires employees to do so.

During this part of the course, the instructor will provide students with an overview of the industry as it pertains to your specific job.  Security plans for the establishment along with it potential economic impact is discussed during the section.

Students will receive handouts for standard operating procedures of the specific medical marijuana establishment they are interested in working at. The course instructor will address facility security, product traceability, equipment used and procedural components of the  process. Packaging and labeling protocols will be covered as well as look into the various kinds of products in cannabis marketplace today.

Ensuring patients and employees thoroughly understand the risks and benefits of medical cannabis is a core focus for many cannabis growing and dispensing businesses today.  The instructor provides a patient education handbook along with employee manuals specific to the facility.

In order to be a TRIM READY™ graduate, students must pass a course exam consisting of 20 questions based off the curriculum learned throughout the course. The passing score is 80%. Marjority of students pass on the first try because they took the time to pay attention during the class and ask any questions pertaining to Marijuana dispensaries. If a student does not pass the first time, they are elgible to retake the test. The TRIM READY™ course instructor is happy to review any exam questions with students.



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